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Our Purpose ...

Momentous Gift is a not for profit organization with the purpose of helping women become mothers and men become fathers. Momentous Gift was created because the founders struggled with having a child and were turned down or failed many times. But then through God, someone came into their lives and offered to be a gestational carrier for them which resulted in their daughter being born.


When their daughter was four years old, recognizing the impact she had already made on their lives, their families lives and seeing the ripple of love that has flowed from one drop, one decision to help someone, they wanted to pay that gift forward but how?

Through prayer the idea to help other women become mothers was created. Infertility is a real struggle. It is often a silent heartbreaking battle when you want to be a mom or dad but there are obstacles to overcome which may seem impossible but through God all things are possible.

Momentous Gift is here to help facilitate the creation of families because when you help a person become a parent, you also make grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins and a ripple of love in the world.

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Who We Help

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Multi Ethnic Girls

Foster Care and Domestic Adoptive Parents

We support people becoming a family through Foster Care or Domestic Adoption.

Assisted Reproductive Technology Parents

We support people using Assisted Reproductive Technology including IVF, Egg and Embryo Adoption.

Surrogacy and Gestational Carrier Parents

We support people using a surrogate or gestational carrier to become parents.

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How We Help

Momentous Gift provides financial resources directly to care providers on behalf of intended parents. To qualify, intended parents must apply with Momentous Gift and be awarded a grant. Awards are granted based upon need and available funding. By paying funds directly to care providers, donors can rest assured their resources are being used to support the creation of families.

Seeking Privately Funded Grant

Awarded Grant Funds Paid Directly

Intended Parents Apply

To Care Providers on Behalf of Intended Parents

Intended Parents Agree to Share Their Journey

And Let Momentous Gift Know When An Adoption or Birth Occur

Get Involved

Join Our Mission to Help People Become Parents!

Make a Donation

Want to join our efforts but not sure where to start? Make a donation is whatever amount you feel comfortable with knowing that we are creating hope and families. Every little bit counts towards modest donations are encouraged and appreciated!

Neat Storage Boxes

Share Our Mission

Do you know someone who has been affected by fertility issues? Or do you know someone who has a child because someone else helped in some way and they want to pass on the favor? Share our story with them!

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