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Momentous Gift ... What Our Logo Symbolizes

Updated: Oct 11, 2021



"a decision, event, or change of great importance or significance, especially in its

bearing on the future."

When trying to decide what to call this mission we had to help other women become mothers and men become fathers, the word momentous seemed absolutely perfect.

It is perfect not only because of the definition but also the spelling of the word leads us as well ...

"Mom Ment To Us"

The idea was generated to help another women become a mom. While momentous means something of great importance it also says, "Mom meant to us" and for those of us who are searching for an answer, a sign or symbol relating to becoming a mom, I could think of nothing better than to have Mom Meant to Us as part of the organization because that is after all exactly what our mission is.

Now let me explain the logo design. The journey to become a parent starts long before we are even adults. When I was a kid I would play with dolls and barbies and visualize my future self, though I doubt I realized it as a child, looking back on it now, I see that is what I was doing.

So the start of the line for momentous reaches back before we even considered having kids and connects like the line of our lives. The brackets which are intentionally pink and blue for girls and boys signify the markers of the season of life we get to grow, love and care for the gift our children are in our lives.

The word mom being present is powerful and purposeful and the T in the shape of a cross is a sign that through God all things are possible.

The S continues outside the bracket as well because after our kids are out of the house and grown, our lives as parents and individuals still continue. It is a continuation, a reminder to help others because your journey can have an impact on someone else in ways you will likely never even realize.


noun "a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present."

My husband and I were given a tremendous gift of our daughter who came to us via a gestational carrier. The act of someone else carrying our daughter so she could be in our lives was an amazing gift and one that we can never repay, so we want to pay it forward.

Through this organization, we want to reach other intended parents who just need a little help bringing children into this world and who also want to pay it forward. Momentous Gift can be an avenue for them to give knowing the funds will help others who have struggled, wondered and questioned like we did.

Often the hardest part of seeking alternative methods to have children is the financial cost. It is our hope that Momentous Gift can be a gift of financial peace to those who need it. With financial assistance in place they can focus on the goal of bringing a child into the world with a little less stress.

We also acknowledge the impact one life makes in the lives of others. A new life coming into the world gives others the opportunities to be grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. The gift of a child creates a ripple of love that can reach beyond what we can ever really know.

If you would like to donate to Momentous Gift, please click here and share the mission with others because every dollar raised gives another person hope to become a parent.

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